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Wednesday 18 September 2019

Obscure Leak Detection in Your Sarasota Home

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Living in Sarasota, Florida is a perfect kind of life but perhaps your water bills have been kind of high lately, but the city says that your bills are accurate. The question is, do you have a leak? That can cause the overage in the bills. What’s the best form of detection for finding a leak in your lovely Sarasota home? It became time to investigate the system and see if there’s a problem.

Chasing The Leak

So the first thing you’ll need to do is turn off all the faucets to the house. Then you’ll have to make sure that your family doesn’t use the water, or turn it on, while you’re checking the meter. You’ll then need to go to the meter. If it’s still registering water flow, then you’ll know that you’ve got a leak on your hands—your meter shouldn’t be moving if the water’s not on.

Your next step is to check one of the usual suspects for a leak, the bathrooms. You don’t want to have a leak in your lovely Sarasota home coming from the bathroom, which can ruin anyone’s day. With the water turned off at the toilet, you’ll need to go back to the meter. If it is still moving, then your leak is not in the toilet—meaning that the toilet isn’t running or worse, cracked. Check all of the toilets in the house in the same way. Oftentimes, the leak can be in the toilet and you’d never think of it being there.

Next, start turning off water to the sinks in the house and one by one after each sink go out to the meter and check. Again, if the meter continues to move, you’ve still not found your leak. This process of elimination is time consuming but it’s the best way to find this leak. Let’s say that you have a pool, sprinkler system and a water softener. So, as before, you’ll need to turn off any water to the pool and again check the meter for flow. For argument’s sake, let’s say that the meter was still moving and that there is still a leak in your Sarasota home. Turn off the sprinkler system and the water softener, checking the meter after turning off each part of your plumbing system.

Don’t Forget The Main!

The next thing you’ll need to do to find the leak in your Sarasota home is to turn off the water at the main shut off. You’ll find it outside, possibly in an underground junction or close to the side of your home. If after you turn off the main shut off you’re still getting flow through the meter, then there might be a leak there at the main. Following these steps means that you will detect an obscure leak in your Sarasota home. You’ll be glad that you found it, as it’s frustrating (not to mention costly). Note that you’ll need to call the city water company immediately to let them know that there’s a leak between the meter and the home.

We know that it is a long process and detecting leaks can be very difficult. But the reward is tremendous. When you find that leak, you’ll be saving yourself a good deal of money and you’ll have peace of mind—you’ll now know what to do next time.

Also, please note that if these steps don’t result in finding the leak, you’ll need to consult the professionals. It’s not easy to find leaks sometimes, and they can be small and hard to locate. If after doing all of the hunting above you can’t find the leak, be sure to give us a ring. We’ll help you find the leak!