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Tuesday 27 August 2019

Prevent Flood Damage During Upcoming Hurricane Season

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In the tropical weather of our beautiful state, we experience beautiful sunshine, blue skies, and the leisure of the Florida lifestyle. But each year when the weather becomes humid, the Florida lifestyle becomes more about preparation than going to the beach. Rainstorms turn into hurricanes which turn into danger for your home and community. But how do you prepare your home or structure for a flood? How do you prepare yourself? A flood can happen anytime, which can cause a chain reaction of damage even after the flood is long gone. Do not wait until the last minute to learn how you can prepare your home and yourself.

What Could Happen After a Flood

The more common flood is small flooding due to leaky plumbing. In that case, it is a small and contained area that if approached quickly and appropriately, will not leave much damage. In the case of hurricane season, however, the threat of flood grows to larger proportions because it is less contained. Flood damage from hurricane season can have a much worse impact on your household or structure that can lead to a series of events that will only cause you more problems. These issues can include:

  • Mold under the carpet
  • Mold in the walls
  • Rotting boards
  • Damaged and dangerous electrical outlets
  • Sicknesses from mold

Prepare Your Home

Home is where the heart is; protect what it closest to your heart to protect your home. The following recommendations can help prevent flood damage. Water can get anywhere, and while you may not be able to completely protect your walls, floor, or furniture, here are some ways you can protect your home:

  • Keep valuable items at least three to four feet above ground, and do not leave items on the floor.
  • Raise appliances and utilities.
  • Relocated your electric wiring, outlets, and switches to at least a foot above the flood elevation.
  • Apply water proofing materials to your walls and floors.

Prepare Your Structure

Any building can become the victim of flooding. Specific instructions can be given to ensure that your structure in general can be safer from flooding. These recommendations include:

  • Take precautions early. When building the structure, elevate the building. This allows for more parking space and more area for water to flood, rather than inside the structure itself.
  • Seal the buildings to stop floodwater at the walls of your structure. This technique is not recommended for a residential building.
  • Utilize levees and set up flood walls to stop floodwater in the yard.

Prepare Yourself

Preventing flood damage does not end with preparing your home, but continues with preparing yourself and your family. Sometimes the damage is not just physical; the safety and comfort of your home can be damaged. Prepare yourself with these tips:

  • Know what your flood risk is. In Florida, flood risk due to hurricane season is high. Find out the chance of flood in your specific area.
  • Put together an emergency kit, and make sure your family knows where it is at all times.
  • Make an emergency plan and practice it with your family.
  • Prepare your wallet, and buy insurance that protects your house and items from flood damage, and save money for any necessary replacements.

Contact Us Today

No area is ever completely protected from the flooding of hurricane season. Nature is inevitable and unpredictable and sometimes it can become a danger to yourself and your home. Protect yourself, your structure, and your loved ones by doing what you can to prevent the worst effects of flooding. In the event of a flood, our restoration experts are certified to properly remove water and restore your home to its pre-flood state. If your boards experience rotting after a flood, or it mold sneaks beneath your carpets or inside your walls, our experts are ready to remove and restore for you. Contact us today for your flood removal and restoration needs.