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Thursday 18 July 2019

Puncture Your Sarasota Water Pipe And Cause Water Damage?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Puncture Your Water Pipe After Installing New Baseboards? Prevent Sarasota Water Damage…

In our last post, we showed you how to repair small areas of Sarasota water damage to your baseboards. But what happens if you have to install new baseboards after a flood in Sarasota? If they were significantly affected by the water damage, that’s most likely what you’d have to do. Sometimes, during the process of baseboard replacement, we inadvertently puncture water pipes behind the walls. This might mean trouble. But don’t panic! Here are some things to keep in mind to manage Sarasota water damage due to a punctured water pipe in your wall.

Considerations To Reduce Water Damage In Sarasota Due To A Punctured Water Pipe

  1. Always remember to never risk electrocution. If there is standing water, stay clear of it until the following steps are taken. If you cannot satisfactorily remove all of the water, you should call Accutech for experienced, professional water removal services in Sarasota, Bradenton and all nearby areas. We’ll be there within an hour, working hard and fast to get your home completely dry.
  2. Turn off your water main! Turn off your electricity! – Take neither of these steps lightly, and do them as quickly as you can. Some will tell you to kill the electricity to that room. However, to be one the safe side, we recommend turning off your main.
  3. If you puncture a water line while installing new baseboards, you hit a water pipe that is inside the wall. This could be a water supply line for a downstairs sink, or a line running to an upstairs room. If you’ve driven a nail through the baseboard and the drywall and into a water line, you are likely using nails that are longer than necessary for a simple baseboard installation.
  4. Always open any windows and doors you can for circulation to help reduce potential Sarasota water damage.
  5. You may need to cut the water line where it splits from the main line and install a valve with a compression fitting. Remove the wooden baseboard and cut a small hole in the wall in order to gain access to the damaged pipe. Cut and replace the damaged section of pipe and repair the wall before reinstalling the baseboard and securing it with smaller nails. You may require a plumber for this. Do not risk this step if you aren’t 100 percent sure of your capabilities. If the worst scenario does happen and you further damage the pipe, please call Accutech right away to keep Sarasota water damage to an absolute minimum.

Punctured Water Pipe Repair Cause Further Sarasota Water Damage To Your Floors And Walls?

If something went wrong while installing new baseboards and you accidentally punctured a water pipe, it’s crucial that you act quickly and kill the water main and turn off your electricity. For water damage dry out in Sarasota, call the pros at Accutech for lightning fast water damage removal that will save you thousands of dollars!