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Monday 8 July 2019

Rain Rain Go Away: A Water Damage Company For Our Rainy Season

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In a recent post we alluded to the fact that our rainy season is upon us here in Sarasota and throughout most of central to southern Florida. Our April showers are quickly transforming into June deluges. And while this means that we’ll get daily splash of relief from the heat, it can also mean sudden downpours and virulent wind gusts that can cause structural damage to our home which can lead to costly water damage.

Prepare For The Worst: See our posts about what to do before and after flooding, including finding financial assistance and drying out your home.

At Accutech, Sarasota’s leading water damage company, we’ve seen the value of preparation. Being prepared for bad weather including intense thunderstorms, hurricanes and tornados can make a huge difference for homeowners. The difference? Having to deal with expensive repairs, the stress of putting your life back together and dealing with insurance companies. And that’s just the beginning.

When Mother Nature does her worst, it can be devastating. Here are some tips from your Sarasota water damage company that will help you prepare for severe weather. However, if the “worst” happens to you and you find yourself in a ‘sink or swim’ situation, call the fastest, most experienced water damage company in town to throw you a lifeline.

5 Tips: Preparing For Severe Florida Weather From Sarasota’s Preferred Water Damage Company

  1. Perform a whole house check. Where is your home vulnerable to wind or water damage? By making a complete inspection of your home, you can plan in advance for bad weather. Be sure to spend some time inspecting your home’s foundation, roof, shingles, windows and sealants. Consult with our professionals if you have any questions.
  2. Make sure your shingles are storm-ready. Are they secure? An expert can inspect your home to make sure the shingle tabs are properly secured with adhesive. If they’re vulnerable to wind and water, you can use a quick-setting asphalt cement to bond your shingle tabs to the underlying shingles. Shop around for the best deals.
  3. Protect your home from high water and flooding. Extend your downspouts so that water runs away from your home’s foundation. Identify areas in your yard that puddle or flood and consult with a specialist to learn about drainage solutions. A channel drain for your garage is ideal for keeping rising water at bay. Always be prepared. Our water damage company blog is an excellent resource for learning about ways to protect yourself from the ravages of storms and water damage.
  4. Make sure your shutters are secured. Don’t let shutters turn into missiles during a violent storm. It’s a good idea to install impact-resistant shutters on your large windows and doors. Your favorite home improvement store should have an excellent selection of them. Remember: it’s often flying objects that do the most local damage during storms.
  5. Make sure your roof is in tip-top shape. Roofs are too frequently neglected. Make sure you or the experts inspect your roof (see our earlier posts on how to perform a roof inspection) on a regular basis for wear and tear and also repairs. Keep your gutters clear. Your Sarasota water damage company recommends protectors to keep them free of debris.

Call Accutech If The Worst Happens: Sarasota’s Foremost Water Damage Company

Sometimes all the preparation in the world won’t help you against a strong storm. It happens. If you’re the victim of flooding caused by wind or anything else, you can count on us for swift, reliable and affordable service. That’s why we’re the favored water damage company in Sarasota.