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Sunday 1 September 2019

Salt Water Flooding: A Whole Different Type of Water Damage

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Flooding can happen at any time, especially here in our beautiful Florida. Between hurricanes, storms, and rising tides, every Florida resident needs to be prepared for the event of a flooding. But there are actually different kinds of flooding than just an annoying pool of water in your kitchen; the content of the water is what matters in a flood. If the flood is salt water, you may be in for a whole different kind of experience than if the flood were fresh water.

Fresh Water vs. Salt Water

Fresh water and salt water are vastly different due to their contents. While fresh water indeed contains a percentage of salt, salt water has much higher salinity content. This is the reason for the ocean’s buoyancy; it’s much easier to float in the ocean than in a freshwater river. Many fish and aquatic animals need this buoyancy as well as the salt levels. While some creatures can live in both environments, salt water is the preferred setting for many species of fish and other creatures.

Possible Damages from Salt Water Flooding

Here in Florida, salt water flooding is mostly caused by hurricanes. While you and your family can prepare yourselves for a hurricane, there is no special survival kit for a building affected by flooding – which is why it’s best to repair damages as soon as possible.

If the salt water flooding reaches the ground beneath your house, your structure could be in danger because the structure of the soil is in danger. Salt water contains sodium, which destroys soil aggregates and damages soil structure. Any kind of flooding can lead to erosion underneath your house; it is salt water that can also damage the quality of the soil itself.

Inside your structure, the salt can stick to your building’s core materials and cause corrosion, even in walls. The corrosion can also possibly spread to the electrical wiring, making the system more likely to cause electric shocks. Wood can be affected by a process called delignification; saltwater penetrates the wood and the lignin inside the wood is pulled out through salt crystals. This can eventually destroy the wooden parts of a structure.

As with any water damage, salt water is no stranger to mold. Molds love wet areas and are not picky in regards to salinity. Mold can cause harmful contents in your air which could lead to sickness.

Salt Water Removal Process

The salinity in salt water carries with it various other elements. When those elements break down, they become ions. When these ions become electrically charged, they become electricity conductors, meaning that salt water damage around electricity is highly dangerous and possibly fatal. Be sure to turn off the electricity of your affected house or building before you or a professional proceeds with the removal process.

The removal process varies based on affected area; fresh water will need to be involved. Fresh water can wash away the salt and bathe the affected area. In this process, the fresh water must be flushed through the affected area and pumped out with the salt water. This process must be repeated, and then followed with heavy monitoring of the salt levels as well as any areas involving electricity.

Always call a professional when salt water flooding has come in contact with electricity. The electrical wiring, outlets, or systems will also need to be flushed out with fresh water, then inspected for repairs and replacements.

Be on the lookout for the start or spread of mold after any kind of flooding. Be sure to replace any mold infected areas.

Call a Professional

Removing water from your home may require professional assistance. In the event of flooding, everything the water damaged needs to be replaced, lest mold will grow and cause the air to contain dangerous inhalants. Professionals can remove water from drywall, wood paneling, and everywhere else where you need assistance with the aftermath of your flood. Professionals will also have the tools necessary to encounter both salt water and fresh water flooding.

We have a team that is effective and efficient with our knowledge of flood repairs. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance. Call us today for a quote and our prepared team will be there as soon as we can!