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Saturday 16 March 2019

Sarasota Carpet Steam Cleaning vs. Dry Cleaning

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Here in Sarasota, when you are considering the most effective way to clean your carpet, there are essentially two avenues you can take: dry cleaning or steam cleaning.  In order to make the best decision, a good point-by-point breakdown of each process can be helpful.

Sarasota Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning consists of basically four different methods which work to varying degrees of success.  However, each has a significant drawback.  It should be noted that while we refer to this method as “dry cleaning,” one should clearly understand that water is used.  In fact, no matter what the method employed is, all carpet cleaning uses water to some degree.  The difference is that dry cleaning methods use low moisture, allowing your carpet to dry quickly.  Here are some brief summaries of dry cleaning.

  • Bonnet – A mixture of club soda and cleaning product are misted across your carpet and a bonnet (a machine which resembles a floor buffer) scrubs the mixture in a rotating motion.  Unlike other dry cleaning methods, this has a longer dry time and generally only cleans the upper third of the carpet.
  • Dry Compound – A (usually) biodegradable compound is spread on the carpet and scrubbed in and then vacuumed off.
  • Solvent Extraction – A deeper clean can usually be achieved with the solvent extraction method.  A cleaning product is sprayed on the carpet and then extracted using an acid solution, after which “dry strokes” are used to increase drying times.  Still, a dry time of 1 -4 hours is not uncommon, particularly in areas where more moisture is present in the air such as Sarasota.
  • Encapsulation – A polymer solution is applied to the carpet which crystallize soil particles, drying them up.  The residue is then vacuumed away.

Sarasota Steam Cleaning

In Sarasota, steam cleaning, known as “hot water extraction,” is your best choice for cleaning carpet.  Similar to encapsulation, the first step of steam cleaning involves spreading of a preconditioning agent, in this instance an alkaline agent.  That is then brushed into the carpet fiber and left to sit for a period of time.  Afterward, a tool which spreads an acid solution is passed over the carpet, thus neutralizing the alkaline agent.  A detergent is then spread over the conditioned fibers which dry, attracted dirt and particulates in a manner like encapsulation.  Extraction, the most important step in this process, using hot water and air flow is then applied.  Indeed, there is much more water used here, but in the right hands, the results are worth it.  Often, a powerful truck-mounted vacuum system helps to more quickly dry the carpet.  A properly trained professional balances the dry time with the amount of moisture used assuring the greatest clean.  No doubt, Sarasota prefers steam cleaning as it has been proven to be the superior way to clean carpet.  The results speak for themselves.

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