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Monday 1 April 2019

The Best System For Sarasota Carpet Cleaning!

Posted by at 9:00 AM

The Sarasota, FL customer of a carpet cleaning service is looking for a premium carpet cleaner without the dry time factor. Setting itself apart from all other alternatives and revolutionizing the industry of carpet cleaning, DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning is the top choice for all your carpet cleaning needs.

The Alternatives To Using The DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning System

There are two alternatives to using DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning in Sarasota: steam cleaning and dry cleaning. Steam cleaning does clean the carpet and get rid of pollutants and dirt, but unfortunately it also leaves the carpet wet for hours. The other option to steam cleaning is dry cleaning, which does remove the dirt, but doesn’t actually use water, leaving your carpet dirty. In fact, the chemical soapy residue used in dry cleaning ends up leaving and attracting more pollutants and dirt that were never there to begin with.

Why The DriMaster System Works

Serving as a hybrid of the other two alternatives, DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning is the solution to all of these problems. The patented process has revolutionized the industry of carpet cleaning by replacing the ordinary spray jet with a high-flow, high-recovery cleaning head. Instead of a jet spraying solution above the carpet, it injects a hot water solution into the carpet as a sheet, not as a spray. Scrubbing and cleaning the carpet fibers, the final step of removing all the cleaning solution is simply done within in a single motion. While maximizing the heating and vacuum performance of any cleaning system, DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning also effectively cleans and scrubs in a timely process, totaling less than an hour for your carpets to dry.

The Dry Time Is Crucial

Perhaps the biggest factor setting the DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning system apart from others is dry time, as 85% less moisture is left behind. The average person in Sarasota doesn’t have the time to plan their day around carpet cleaning, and using DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning completes the job in a timely fashion. In fact, the sheer power of this system has the ability to clean soiled carpets that would have been beyond help before the technology was invented.

Not only does it provide unbeatable drying time, the control it brings to carpet cleaning is unrivaled. Unlike steam cleaning which soaks both the carpet and the pad, DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning was designed to succeed in the home, as it provides more precise control when cleaning the carpet fibers.

DriMaster Saves Time and Energy, and That Saves You Money

Using DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning also saves times and energy on part of the Sarasota cleaners, as they have to expend less energy with the new user-friendly model, therefore taking less time to get the job done right. Of course, taking less time and energy to do the job by the cleaners means a less expensive carpet cleaning system for customers, creating an opportune situation for both parties.

If you need a carpet cleaning service and our interested in our DriMaster system, contact us at Accutech Restoration and find out how we can help today!