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Sunday 18 August 2019

Types of Issues Wind Driven Rain Can Cause Condominiums

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Every structure comes with its own problems, struggles, and issues. One of the issues for condominiums is wind driven rain. Raining by itself can cause a plethora of damage, but when wind is added to the mix, the damage can be increased. When wind driven rain intrudes into a condominium, water damage and mold damage can follow suit, which cost their owners more money and valuable time. So how bad can the damage get? How can wind driven rain cause damage? What is the next step after wind driven rain causes damage?

Wind Driven Rain

Water can intrude from anywhere; it is simply the nature of water. But this can cause many problems down the road to homeowners. Rain by itself is only a worry when it builds up into a flood or when the roof leaks; rain that is driven by rain makes the rainfall at an angle. The angular descending allows for easier access by rain into your home. Wind driven rain can intrude through anything, including sliding glass doors, windows, and even cement blocks that need to be repainted. This can cause much more damage than rain that simply falls vertically; water can leak into any part of your home, which means mold can grow anywhere as well.

How Wind Driven Rain Causes Damage

Because wind driven rain falls at an angle rather than straight down, it can creep into your house or condominium in many more ways than regular rain. Wherever water lands and is not treated, the results could be catastrophic. The water can bring in different kinds of bacteria, which can make you and your loved ones sick. The other threat that comes from water damage is mold. If the water is not cleaned up and dried immediately, then mold can begin to grow in the damp area, which can also make you and your family sick.

About Water Damage

When water has the chance to gather without being cleaned and dried, the results can damage everything it touches. In wood, dry walls, floors, and furniture, it can cause stains. Water can splatter high on the wall, and the taller part of you wall can be affected if your roof is leaking. Whenever rain occurs, it is best to search your windows, doors, and walls for signs of a leak. When rain is not occurring, keep track of the locations of any leaks and it is recommended to get it fixed by a professional.

About Mold Damage

When water is left to sit without being cleaned or dried, mold can grow in its place. Molds love damp areas, and can grow on your walls, floor, ceiling, even your furniture. When mold grows, it produces spores, which can cause respiratory symptoms such as asthma; coughing, heavy breathing, headaches, sneezing, and it can give your house a musty odor.

Contact Us Today

Here at Accutech, our services are efficient, effective, and we respond to emergencies within one hour. We have the tools needed to completely remove the effects of mold and water from your home. Our other services include leak detection, water removal, leaking pipes and roofing, general plumbing, mold removal and prevention, the removal of fire and smoke, and even carpet cleaning and remodeling. When wind driven rain causes problems for your condominium, we are here to help. Your home is your safety, and we ensure that it is kept in good condition after weather. For more information on our services, or if you have any questions about wind driven rain, contact us today.