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Monday 25 March 2019

Was Your Cell Phone A Victim of Water Damage? A Few Quick Fix Tips

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Whether we like to admit or not, our cell and smart phones have become integral parts of our social, professional and practical lives.  If you’ve ever lost your phone, then you know how much we’ve come to rely on these handy gadgets.  Far more than just an ordinary means of communication, they assist us in getting business done better and more efficiently, keep track of our finances…and of course provide is with endless amusement.  But what happens when your phone gets wet?  Unless you drop it to the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico or Hillsborough River, then contrary to your worst fears, there are effective  ways to dry them.  It’s important to know that most cell phones are not covered by water damage in their respective warranty.   At Accutech, we’re all about staying dry and saving money, so we compiled this list of tips to save your beloved Blackberry or IPhone.

A Few Tips For Drying Water Damaged Cell Phones

  • The first thing to do is to remove the battery.
  • Don’t turn the phone on. If the battery is wet and you turn it on, it could zap the circuitry.
  • Air dry the phone (with the battery out).
  • Use a desiccant.  Rice is a good one, or if you have a prepackaged desiccant in the house, say for laundry or food, you can place that (or the rice) in a plastic bag overnight.   If you use this method, give it plenty of time to dry.
  • Canned air.  It’s the same stuff you get when you buy compressed air to clean your computer keyboard and to air-clean the motherboard and internals.  You can pick it up at any office supply  or electronics department.
  • Do not use heat!  Heat and electronics aren’t friends.  Don’t use a hair-dryer.  If you use air, go with the canned air recommendation above.
  • Always remember how humid Sarasota, Bradenton and central Florida is.  When you get a spare moment, wipe down your phone with an absorbent, lintless rag.

We understand how important cell phones have become in our workaday lives, and we at Accutech Restoration and Remodeling are your single source for staying healthy, wealthy and dry.   If you experience water damage of any type to your home or office, be sure to give us a call.  We will be on the scene and beginning the drying process in one hour or less.  Like your cell phone, fast action is key to preventing loss in the happenstance of water damage to your roof, walls or floors.  It can be mitigated by acting quickly, and it doesn’t get any faster in Sarasota and Bradenton than Accutech.  For water remediation, smoke and fire damage and clean up, we are the best, wisest choice.  For work by IICRC-certified professionals that’s guaranteed in writing, give Accutech a call first.