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Friday 8 March 2019

Water Damage To Your Property After A Hurricane? What To Look For

Posted by at 9:00 AM

In an earlier blog, we looked at some steps you could take to prevent water damage before a severe storm or hurricane.  In this one, we’ll go over a few things you can do to inspect your Sarasota home for water damage on your roof after a hurricane.

Water damage.  It’s horrible, costly and unhealthy, and  as we all know, it’s hurricane season, and it started out with a bang, a dodged bullet in Hurricane Irene.  But we Floridians know we won’t always be so lucky, so hurricane preparedness and post-storm inspection are vital for protecting our investments.  So let’s jump right in and start at the top:  inspecting for water damage on your roof.

Roof Water Damage

The great news about roofs is that we can see large sections of them from the ground, so we don’t actually have to climb the ladder.  However, if you feel comfortable doing so, here’s what to look for.

Water Damaged Shingles

  • Worn, curled or missing shingles
  • Shingles past 15 years old?  It’s time to start thinking about replacing them.
  • Gutters filled with shingles grit.  That means rapid aging.
  • If you have a tiled roof, inspect for cracks and missing tiles
  • For wood or shake shingles, check for curling, deteriorated or mossy shingles.  Moss may be a sign of insufficient water drainage.
  • If you still have an old analog television antenna, go ahead and remove that.  They can actually drill holes in shingles.

Storm Damaged Flashings

  • Is the chimney flashing smooth and intact?
  • If the flashing or sealants have failed and there are holes in the sheathing or even into the attic, call Accutech to inspect for moisture damage.
  • If you have a skylight, ensure that it’s sealed well.  Check shingles around the skylight as well.
  • Inspect the flashing in and seals around all plumbing stack vents, chimneys and look out for roof penetrations.

Water Damage And Gutters

  • If the shingle drip edge is damaged or missing, or if the shingles edges have cracked and fallen into the gutter, the edge needs prompt repair.
  • Look for shingles grit.  Not only does it meant that your shingles are worn, it will impede the flow of water through the gutters and possibly create flooding.
  • Consider buying gutter shields if they often fill with debris.
  • Standing water?  Adjust the slope of the gutter so that it drains properly.
  • Flooding And Water Damage To Membrane Roofs
  • Membrane roofs are flat roofs.  Many older Florida properties were built with flat roofs.
  • If you see standing water on the roof, call the professionals at Accutech for an inspection.
  • Make sure roof drains are always properly clear and well-maintained.
  • Visible cracks?  Have them patched immediately.  Inspect inside for signs of water damage.
  • Inspect and seal any weak or damaged seals.

Damaging Water On Your Port Charlotte Roof?  Call Accutech Immediately

Remember, visible water damage is only the tip of the iceberg (so to speak).  If you see signs of water damage, then call Accutech immediately to safeguard your property…and your health.