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Sunday 14 July 2019

What Causes Ceiling Water Damage In Sarasota?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Storms and broken pipes, to put it bluntly. Unfortunately, ceiling water damage can happen in any type of building, whether yours is a single-story house or whether you live in an apartment in a multi-dwelling complex. No matter where you live, you have to ensure that you take steps to prevent and, if necessary, rectify this problem. Otherwise, you will have to deal with serious issues which may potentially negatively affect your finances. The good news is that ceiling water damage is largely preventable. Outside of severe storms, you can take steps that will significantly reduce the chance of ceiling water damage in your home or business.

For any ceiling water damage or water removal services, look no further than Accutech. We are Sarasota’s leading water removal and restoration services!

Routine Maintenance And Inspections To Prevent Sarasota Ceiling Water Damage

You can help prevent ceiling water damage by following some basic maintenance guidelines.

Important! Do not get on your roof if you’re unable to climb, crawl or bend. Doing so can be dangerous! Call the water removal pros at Accutech!

  1. You should always check your roof after heavy rains and storms or snow. If you have found our blog and you live up north, you should inspect your roof after heavy snows as well. If you find any kind of puddle or pool or stack of leaves, clean the place immediately so that the water flows off and does not seep into your shingles or roofing. This will allow the water to drain through the drainpipe and prevent seepage.
  2. In addition to roof inspections, you should also do routine inspections of your attic. Any kind of leakage or seepage in the attic can cause ceiling water damage. So it’s essential that you have some idea about the signs of seepage or leakage that will help you to detect the problem easily. The pros at Accutech are leak detection and location experts. If you feel uncomfortable getting on your roof or crawling around in your attic, don’t risk injury! Accutech will gladly work with you to detect any water damage that can lead to ceiling water damage. Repairing water damage at this initial stage will not only ensure the safety of your family and reassure you that your house is structurally sound, it can also save your family from health hazards like mold. Always keep in mind that damp or moist areas are favorite breeding grounds for molds, bacteria, and mildew. Moreover, molds and mildew affect the structure to such an extent that restoration can become complex and expensive.
  3. Neglect of any kind in repairing water damage can lead to increasing seepage, which will make your roof leak, eventually causing ceiling water damage. The roof leakage will not only harm your furniture, carpet and flooring but also weaken the walls and affect the whole building.
  4. Busted piping that runs through your attic can also cause ceiling water damage. If you experience a busted pipe, call Accutech! We will be at your property in one hour or less. We work directly with your insurance company to make the process as easy and stress-free for you as possible. Perhaps more importantly, we’ll do everything humanly possible to minimize water damage in your home.

Call Accutech If You Suspect You Have Ceiling Water Damage In Sarasota

Ceiling water damage can be dangerous. I can cause collapses and structural failure. It can also provide a fantastic habitat for dangerous mold to grow and thrive. Don’t neglect it. If you suspect you have water damage anywhere in your home, Accutech is ready to help. Please take a few moments to browse our site and get to know why we’re the absolute best water removal and dry out service in Sarasota.