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Saturday 13 July 2019

What To Look For In Your Sarasota Water Damage Company

Posted by at 9:00 AM

When it comes to water damage in your Sarasota home, you don’t want to mess around. It can cause severe, dangerous structural damage and it can be a health hazard. Water damage can cause wood to warp and rot. It creates an unhealthy haven for mold growth and, in both of these scenarios, it poses a serious health risk for you and your family. Don’t risk it! Accutech is the leading Sarasota water damage removal company because we have the best staff, access to industry-leading tools and we will always work directly with your insurance company if needed.

“This is all great,” you say, “But what should I really be looking for in a Sarasota water damage company? What makes Accutech so unique?”

We’re glad you asked.

What Makes Accutech The Leading Sarasota Water Damage Company?

There are a lot reasons why Accutech leads Sarasota water damage services.

  1. Rapid response – To lessen water damage, cleanup should begin as quickly as possible. The company you choose should offer more than just the vague claim of “immediate response”. Make sure they can guarantee they will be on-site, removing water, within one-hour of your call. Accutech does! And we guarantee it, too! We know that one of the keys to mitigating the effects of water damage hinges on rapid response.
  2. Rapid water removal – Accutech is a force. We’re an entire team of IICRC-trained, highly-skilled water removal specialists. It’s another reason we’re the leading Sarasota water damage company. We use state-of-the-art technology with diesel truck-mounted equipment and the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor. Our method for water removal and dry out is five to six times faster than conventional methods and we’re one of only two Sarasota water removal companies in our area that have it. Not only does our process enable us to quickly remove water, we can dry your home out without having to tear or rip out your flooring, including carpets!
  3. Extensive monitoring process – Accutech uses three moisture meters post-dry out to guard against harmful mold proliferation. Our monitoring process is absolutely essential for knowing that you’re safe and dry. Some water damage companies in Sarasota only return to check on the drying process X number of days later. Hint: when they know your home or office will be dry. Choose a Sarasota water damage company that offers daily monitoring of the drying process. Anything less is a rip-off. Accutech ensures your total safety!
  4. Certified Techs – Some companies only do OJT with their employees. While Accutech endorses on-the-job training as part of a necessary regiment of training, our staff is also IICRC-trained with specialties. When you call Accutech, you’re not getting some guy in a truck. You’re getting water damage experts. You’re getting a BBB-approved Sarasota water damage company with a proven track record of success.

Insurance cooperation – Accutech will work directly with your insurance company to help ease the stress and expense on your end.

Call Accutech – Sarasota’s Leading Water Damage Company! Don’t Settle For Less! Call The Best!