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Wednesday 10 July 2019

Why It Pays To Use A Water Damage Emergency Service Specialist

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Ah, summertime! We love living here in Sarasota and having access to our beaches and other seasonal recreation. And we love being Sarasota’s number 1 water damage emergency service. But summertime also means something else in Florida: severe, sudden storms. As a resident, you know how quickly storms can arise, seemingly out of nowhere, and dump huge volumes of rain while kicking up some pretty impressive wind gusts. As a result, our homes or other properties sometimes take that one-two punch pretty hard. While these rainy season storms usually aren’t devastating on the level of a tornado or hurricane, they can provide a TKO that rips shingles from your roof or otherwise damages the structure of your building, leading to costly, nerve-wracking damage.

Insurance policies can be tricky when it comes to what is covered and what isn’t. If you don’t already have it and can afford it, look into purchasing flood insurance for your home. It might potentially save you thousands of dollars. And while we’re on the subject of money, you probably understand that there are different types of currency. There’s monetary currency and then, for example, there’s the currency of security, the kind we offer at Accutech by being Sarasota’s water damage emergency service experts. Let us explain.

Sarasota Water Damage Emergency Service Experts Equals The Relief That Comes From Saving Time And Money

After any kind of flooding in your home, whether it was cause by an aforementioned storm or by something else, perhaps a busted pipe or water heater tank, rapid response is critical for limiting the amount of damage caused. With Accutech, you’re getting Sarasota’s finest water damage emergency service available. As we’ve noted before, we pledge to be at your property in one hour or less, initiating the dry out process to protect you, your family or your staff’s health and safety. And that’s another type of currency. It’s what we call “security currency.”

Not only does Accutech offer you the vanguard in water removal tools and services, the best-trained IICRC technicians for water damage solutions, but we also offer you security currency. Simply put, it pays to use the premier water damage emergency service in Sarasota.

We will:

  • Save you money
  • Save you time
  • Ease your mind
  • Make sure you’re dry

To us, these four essential points are the foundation of our business and we view these four things as being money in the bank for you. That’s security currency. It’s the confidence we deliver you because you know you’re getting the job done right the first time. You know that we’ll deal directly with your insurance company. You know that we are fast and thorough. And you know that we’re affordable as well.

Need A Sarasota Water Damage Emergency Service Right Now?

Two words: CALL ACCUTECH. Find out why more people are using or switching to Accutech for water damage emergency services in Sarasota and all surrounding areas like Bradenton. With our currency of security earning interest in your account, you’re free to enjoy a day at the beach. And isn’t that what all your hard work is for?