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Mold Prevention

Sarasota’s Mold Prevention Professionals

Mold can be a very unexpected and expensive problem.  In order to avoid having a serious mold problem, Sarasota’s mold professionals are here to help you.

Mold requires a food source, time, and water in order to grow.  So the most important thing you can do to prevent mold in your home or business is to prevent water intrusion.  Where other water removal companies just remove the water, we protect our customers from hidden water damage, which could potentially create a mold problem, through a thorough inspection process. Our licensed professionals measure the moisture content of all the suspected water-damaged areas of your home or office with three separate moisture meters.

Our Process:

  1. The first meter is used to check for water in the carpet and pad. It has a moisture sensor that reacts when it locates moisture.
  2. The second meter measures the moisture content of critical areas like ceilings, walls, baseboards and cabinets. This meter helps determine if any part of the building structure needs to be dried, aside from the carpets.
  3. The third meter is a thermal hydrometer. It measures the temperature and relative humidity (or moisture content) of the air. Our certified technicians use the thermal hydrometer during every stage of the drying process, to insure that our drying process is working and that our customers are protected.
Sarasota Infrared leak Detection

For the final step, we use a thermal imaging camera.   This infrared camera lets our customers see for themselves the full extent of water penetration in their home or business.

With the use of the infrared camera and the moisture meters, we are accurately able to assess your home for any possible water intrusion.  Once we have properly dried your home or business, we give every customer written documentation that the entire home or office, not just the carpet, is brought back to an acceptable moisture content.  Proper drying prevents mold!

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Mold Prevention Tips

Mold prevention is something that everyone living in the Sarasota area should understand. Due to the heavy rains and the humidity, mold is a likely problem, and we believe you should know some of the basics steps to prevent mold from growing in your home or business.  Below we have put together a small list for you so that you are better able to protect your home or business from the dangers of mold.


  • Keep Humidity Low – Mold needs moisture, keeping the humidity around 30 – 50% means mold is less likely to grow.
  • Check The Roof – Check for leaks regularly, many times roof leaks tend to go unnoticed.  While checking the roof, ensure that your gutters are kept clean, built up water on the outside can cause mold as well.
  • Clean The Air Conditioner – Living in the Florida, air conditioning is extremely important.  Condensation can build up inside giving mold an area to grow, so keep the pans and drain lines clean.  It’s also important to take note that mold spores travel through your vents easily, so having those checked is also a good idea to keep mold from spreading any further.
  • Check Around Appliance – Certain appliances like dishwashers or refrigerators can leak or produce condensation, its important to keep those types of areas dry.
  • Increase Ventilation When Possible – Ventilation will keep the moisture content down in your home or business. Proper ventilation in areas such as bathrooms avoids moisture buildup and prevents mold growth
  • Keep Standing Water Away – Water often builds up around homes in Sarasota, over time, this can cause mold to grow.

These tips are great ways to keep mold at bay, but if you want written documentation by licensed professionals that the moisture content in your home is within industry standards, it’s best to contact us today!

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