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Carpet Cleaning Services

Want The Carpet Cleaning Power of Steam But Can’t Wait For Hours and Hours For Your Carpets To Dry?

If you’re like many of our customers in Sarasota or Bradenton who want a premium carpet cleaning service, but think you’ll have to wait around for hours and hours for your carpets to dry…then I’d like to introduce to you our amazing DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning System.  It will change the way you view carpet cleaning…forever. But before I do, let me tell you about the two most common carpet cleaning methods and why the new DriMaster System beats them both.

Steam Cleaning Your Carpets Will Leave Them Wet For Hours
Most carpet manufactures recommend hot water extraction as the best method for cleaning carpets. Hot water extraction, often called steam cleaning, removes more dirt, bacteria, pollens, chemicals and dust mites, than any other carpet cleaning method. In a simple two-step process, hot water and cleaning solution are forced into your carpet and then a truck-mounted or portable machine pulls this solution out of your carpet, leaving them completely cleaned. The only problem with the hot water extraction method is that it takes far too long for carpets to dry. Hours and sometimes even days later…your carpet is still wet!

Dry Cleaning Your Carpet Will Not Remove All The Dirt
Many people who’ve been frustrated waiting for their carpets to dry, turn to “dry chemical” cleaning. Using this carpet cleaning method, the operator applies foam or chemicals to your carpet, scrubs the carpet with a large buffing machine and then vacuums up the dried soap and dirt. But since no water has been used to rinse the soap out of your carpet, it’s simply not clean. It’s like washing your clothes and skipping the rinse cycle. Dry chemical cleaning leaves behind harmful dirt, bacteria and other pollutants, as well as a soapy residue that will attract even more dirt in the coming weeks.

Now There’s A Better Way To Have Your Carpets Cleaned
So when it comes to carpet cleaning services, you really only had two choices. Get your carpets completely cleaned with hot water extraction, but wait forever for your carpet to dry…or opt for the fast drying, dry chemical carpet cleaning service, that just doesn’t clean your carpets like it should. Clean and wet or dirty and dry. There was simply no other choice…until now!

Introducing The DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning System
With twenty-one years in the carpet cleaning and emergency water removal business, I know most everything about cleaning and drying carpets. So when I finally discovered the DriMaster Premium Carpet Cleaning System, I knew it would revolutionize our industry. Here’s how it works. Unlike steam cleaning machines that saturate both the carpet and pad, the DriMaster applies hot water cleaning solution as a “sheet” directly into the carpet pile. Then all in one motion, the rotary action scrubs and cleans the carpet fibers, and the cleaning solution is immediately extracted. The result…you get the deep cleaning power of steam, 85% less moisture left behind and a drying time that is six to seven times faster. Now your carpets will be dry to the touch in less than an hour.

Call Today To Schedule Your Appointment
If you’re looking for a carpet cleaning service in Sarasota or Bradenton that’s cheap and ineffective, then we’re probably not for you. DriMaster is a premium carpet cleaning service with a minimum service fee of $195.00. This price covers approximately 500 square feet of carpet or about three average sized rooms. Just give us a call at 941-315-8422 and Lisa will gladly arrange a time that works for you.

24-Hour Emergency Service: 941-444-9438

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