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Tuesday 19 March 2019

Sewer Flooded Your House? What To Do Next

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Without a doubt, a sewer flooding situation is one of the most repugnant home disasters that can occur.  It can leave you homeless, if only for a few days,  disrupting your family’s routine, causing problems getting to work and school…it’s just an undeniable mess all the way around.  But believe it or not there is a silver lining:  Accutech can expertly vacate all the water from your property, leaving your home in the condition it was in prior to the flooding episode.  You might be thinking that, after such a disgusting event, your home will never be returned to its previous state.  There’s no reason to move!  With the professionals of Accutech on the scene, you’ll be pleased to know that you can get back to your normal routine in a very short time and maintain a safe, healthy environment for your family.

Venice Chooses Accutech Time And Again For Water Damage Control, Mold Remediation And Any Other Type Of Heavy Duty Cleanup To Save Their Home

Citizens of Bradenton and Sarasota have decided to employ Accutech throughout the years to treat water damage in their home because of their exemplary service, their attention to detail and the way they professionally do business.

•    On the scene in an hour or less, guaranteed
•    Super fast water remediation
•    Non-destructive process that does not demand we rip your carpets or rugs
•    Advanced technology to ensure you that your house is safe and dry, free from toxic molds and dangerous bacteria
•    Follow-up monitoring for continued security
•    Written proof of your home’s safety
•    Works with your insurance company to help save you money
•    Renovation in addition to water remediation.  That’s the Accutech way

For Water Damage In Your Home, Accutech Leaves No Question That Your Family Is Safe From Mold

Mold is indeed a dangerous concern, especially here in Central Florida where we have such high humidity.  The moisture creates the perfect breeding ground for spores to grow.  Cleaning them can be tricky and it’s best to use experienced professionals as part of your prevention and removal strategy.  If mold has already formed, it’s easier to spread the spores than it is to clean them.  That’s why you should call on Accutech to completely free your home of all moisture and mold.

Mold can make us sick.  It can cause a variety of allergic symptoms, mimic colds or flu-like illnesses and even be toxic.  Don’t take a chance.  If you have water damage in your home, especially black water damage (another way of describing sewage overflow) you need to call on Accutech.  We will guarantee in writing that your home is safe.

But when sewage overflows, mold probably doesn’t enter into your mind right away.  More than likely, you’re thinking of the immediate threat of harmful, even toxic, bacteria in your living space.  Accutech is well-equipped to destroy any illness-causing bacteria that may be present, restoring your family’s home to safety and cleanliness.

Accutech: Using Technology To Ensure Your Home Is Free From Water Damage

Accutech has long been a proponent of cutting edge technology in the fight against water damage in your home.  We use a variety of moisture meters and thermal imaging in water and mold remediation.  If your home was flooded by a sewer overflow, don’t hesitate.  Call Accutech today.