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Water Damage To Tile Floors

Water Damage To My Tile Floors? Really?

When we think of tile floors, we think of enhanced beauty, durability and practicality. Rarely do we think of water damage. Unlike wood flooring and carpet, tile floors are relatively resistant to water damage. However, that doesn’t mean that tile floors aren’t still vulnerable to the havoc a flood or unsanitary backflow can cause.

Consider These Points About Water Damage To Tile Floors

  • Individual tiles are held together on your floors with grout, correct? If you have unsealed grouting, it’s absorbent consistency can make it quite vulnerable to the ravages water damage can cause carpet flooring. Not only can water damage cause your unsealed grout to stain, if left to dry on its own, grout can also provide a suitable habitat for fungi leading to mold spores. In Sarasota, water damage leading to unhealthy mold is a serious, persistent threat that can only be defeated with vigilance. That’s one reason why, if you have water damage to your tile floor, that you take the greatest care to ensure that it is thoroughly dried out. The aesthetic value, as well as its monetary value, will drop. More importantly, it will likely create a way for mold spores to find their way into your home.
  • Another important consideration for tile and water damage is unsanitary flooding. Unsanitary flooding can usually be identified by the color of the water. If the flood water is gray or darker, you have an unsanitary flood on your hands. Unsanitary flooding can be caused by weather events or by toilet backflow. Most of us have experienced the latter, while fortunately, only a small percentage of us have truly had to endure a catastrophic flood. Nevertheless, your tile flooring and your family’s health are both just as vulnerable to water damage whether your floor is tile, wood or carpet. Again, if you have unsealed grout work and you’re the victim of an unsanitary flood, you have a problem. Bacteria are opportunistic and breed rapidly, increasing in number very, very quickly because they simply divide in order to reproduce. Therefore, not only do you run a risk of mold problems if your home isn’t properly dried out after a flood, you significantly increase the likelihood of a bacterial infection to you and anyone who comes into your house.
  • Escapability is another factor to consider when mulling the hazards of Sarasota water damage and tile floors. Tile floors provide no real friction to slow flood waters. Therefore, water can quickly get to your baseboards and walls and cause rot. Mold and bacteria can also grow in rotting wood and drywalls.


For Water Damage To Tile Floors, Call The Pros At Accutech

So even if you have tile floors in your home, if you experience any kind of flood, it’s vital to call the experts at Accutech right away for complete dry-out services. Take a few minutes to browse our site, our page on water removal and our blog. You’ll find useful info and helpful tips everywhere. For water remediation services in less than an hour after a flood, and to prevent water damage from spreading rapidly across tile floors in Sarasota and Bradenton, contact Accutech first thing!

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