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Water Mitigation Water Damage Repair

Full-Service Water Damage Repair, Removal & Restoration Experts in Sarasota & Bradenton, FL

flood damage restoration in

Is Your Home Flooded? Call Now!

flood damage mitigation in

Is Your Home Flooded? Call Now!

If you’re dealing with water damage to your home or business and the furniture and belongings inside, you immediately need a capable, expert helping hand to ensure you and your property emerge from the experience intact.

For skilled, fast water removal in the Sarasota, FL area, trust Accutech Restoration and Remodeling.

Expert Services

Regardless of the source of the water in your home, our team can take care of it. We’re proud to be one of only two fully certified restorers in the local area.

We offer the following water remediation services:

  • Daily drying monitoring
  • Insurance claims
  • Mold remediation
  • Primary water removal
  • Moisture measurement with three separate meters
  • Water intrusion investigations

Not only do we offer comprehensive services, but we also complete each service using cutting-edge equipment. Accutech’s technology allows us to dry your carpeting up to six times faster than other methods.

Our rapid response and specialized drying equipment enable us to save as much property from the effects of water damage as possible.

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Peace of Mind

When water infiltrates your home, cleanup requires more than just immediate removal. Our team also offers written certification that an area is thoroughly dry for insurance purposes. Additionally, we provide direct billing to simplify what could otherwise prove a complex and challenging insurance process.

During storms and natural disasters, we prioritize preferred customers in the immediate area. We ensure you get the help you need fast enough to limit the permanent effects to your carpeting, walls, and furnishings.

We’ve helped home and business owners in Charlotte, Manatee, and Sarasota, FL, counties recover from flooding, storms, and burst pipes since 1992. Whether you’re knee-deep in water or dealing with a single broken pipe, we can help.

We understand how frustrating water damage can be. To minimize both your frustration and the damage to your property, we offer emergency water mitigation 24/7, and we guarantee we’ll be there in an hour or less. Call us at (941) 260-2721 now to begin the restoration process.

Contact us to extract the water from your home and prevent it from causing further damage.

water damage restoration in water extraction in
  • Accutech’s advanced technology dries carpets five to six times faster than conventional methods.
  • Class A Contractors (License # CGC045130) for water and fire damage restoration
  • Florida licensed, MRT Certified (Mold Remediation Technician), certified by both IICRC and IAQA
  • Accutech is one of only two Certified Restorers in the Sarasota/Manatee area.
  • Accutech has two of only seven Certified Water Loss Specialists in the entire state.
  • Serving Florida for more than 30 years
  • Guaranteed one-hour response time
  • Available 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Priority response for preferred customers during area-wide storms and other catastrophes
  • Specialized equipment for improved and faster drying methods and to preserve carpet and other affected materials
  • Mitigation-focused, full-service restoration contractor
  • Three-meter method used to measure moisture levels
  • Daily monitoring of the drying process
  • Written proof that carpet and structure are dry
  • Direct bill, “hassle-free” insurance claims
  • Better Business Bureau member since 1994
  • Bonded and insured
  • Water intrusion investigation
  • High-rise & Condo specialists

Questions to Ask a Water Damage Restoration Contractor

Response Time

24/7 water damage restoration in

Can you guarantee that you will be here in one hour or less?

Cleanup should begin as quickly as possible to lessen damages. The company you choose should offer more than just the vague claim of “immediate response.” Make sure they can guarantee they will be onsite removing water within one hour of your call. During area-wide storms and other catastrophes, they should give priority responses to preferred clients, delivering service days earlier than non-priority calls.

Drying Methods

How quickly can you remove the water?

The small, “one man with a van” carpet cleaning company does not have the same drying power as a full service, emergency water removal company. We use specialized equipment with advanced technology to dry out materials faster.

Will you have to rip up my carpets?

Most companies routinely rip your carpet away from the wall and place fans underneath the carpet for days until it is dry. This method means more wear and tear on the carpet, more dirt blowing around the room, and little or no access to the flooded area. There is a better way—a contractor with specialized equipment can compress the carpet and pad to remove all the water without having to rip the carpet away from the wall.

Monitoring Process

How many moisture meters do you use?

Three separate meters are required to measure moisture levels in water-damaged areas and to guard against future mold growth. The first meter measures the moisture levels of carpets and floors. The second meter measures baseboards, cabinets, walls, and ceilings to determine if water has penetrated these secondary areas. The final meter measures the humidity in the air. All three meters are essential, yet most companies use only the first meter to measure moisture levels in the carpet. Make sure the company you choose uses all three meters to ensure your structure is dry and mold-free.

Do you offer daily monitoring of the drying process?

Some companies only return to check on the drying process days later when they think the area will be dry. Choose a company that offers daily monitoring of the drying process.

Do you provide written proof that both my carpet and my building are dry?

Proper drying will prevent mold. Insist on written proof that both your carpet and your building structure are completely dry.


Are your technicians certified for water damage restoration?

Accutech water damage technicians certified by IICRC, which establishes curriculum and training for proper structural drying. Accutech Restoration and Remodeling continues to train technicians to maintain state-of-the-art methods and procedures.

Contact us to extract the water from your home and prevent it from causing further damage.

24-Hour Emergency Restoration Service:  CALL (941) 260-2721 (941) 260-2721

Contact us to meet with you and your insurance adjuster for a detailed estimate
for all your water & fire restoration and reconstruction work.

Proudly Serving The Sarasota Area

Accutech Restoration & Remodeling is proud to service the Sarasota area. With our expertise and cutting-edge techniques, we restore homes and businesses to their former glory. From water damage to fire restoration, our skilled team delivers exceptional results, ensuring customer satisfaction at every step. With a commitment to professionalism and prompt service, Accutech Restoration & Remodeling is your trusted partner in restoring your property. Contact us today for a seamless restoration experience that exceeds your expectations.