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Thursday 21 March 2019

Think You Have Water Damage Behind Your Drywall?

Posted by at 9:00 AM

Since leaks are generally pretty easy to spot (they stain your walls), you probably won’t have a difficult time figuring out if you have some water damage.  Drywall is very susceptible to water damage because it’s so absorbent.  You will probably see the evidence before you smell it.  However, keep in mind that you may just be detecting the tip of the iceberg, because there may be extensive damage to the floors and framework behind your wallsCall Accutech as soon as you see signs of water damage!

For The Heath Of Your Bradenton Or Sarasota Home:  Accutech To The Rescue!

Leaks in your home can be a threat both to your health and safety.  They demand immediate repair.  Neglecting to vacate all the water from your home can end up costing you thousands of dollars.  It can also create an ideal incubation space for microorganisms of all stripes to begin breeding.  Not a good thing!

As I said before, chances are that if there’s water damage in one place, there’s a chance it’s elsewhere, too.  Water can be insidious.  It seeps through the tiniest cracks and escapes leaking pipes into nestled crannies.  Keep your eyes peeled and always be aware of any odd odors.

Even if you have a tiny spot on your drywall, it’s not worth the risk.  It could lead to a structural failure of some degree.   Again, it can cost you thousands to repair that kind of work.  What’s worse is that your water damage insurance might not cover that kind of damage.  They might blame it on homeowner negligence.  In Longboat Key’s humid climate, it’s wise to stay ahead of the curve and make sure your home stays healthy, safe and dry.

If You Have Determined You Have A Leak

Turn your water main off as soon as you can.  You need to try to shut down the source of the water.  There’s a shot that it’s coming from leaking pipes.  After you do that, be sure to exhaust all the taps in your house to relieve the pressure in your lines.  After you do that call Accutech and we’ll be on the scene within an hour investigating your home’s structure.

A Few Words About Mold

You should know that, for mold, sheetrock is food.  So is drywall.  In fact, mold is insatiable and can feed on most anything, including dust!  The only other ingredient needed for mold to grow up strong and virulent is a suitable place to thrive…and moisture.  We can’t stress enough how vital it is to your family’s health to keep your home free from water damage.  It can cause a range of symptoms and illnesses, from simple allergies and irritants to toxic effects.  If there’s a loved one in your home who suffers from a serious illness or auto-immune condition, routinely inspect your home for mold-friendly conditions.  If you find anything you suspect like water damaged drywall, water spots, pooling water…call Accutech immediately.