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Drywall: Save It or Replace It

First sign of water damage, your on the clock!

Within minutes, water damage spreads throughout the drywall causing secondary damage to your home which means increased insurance premiums.

Within hours, the drywall begins to soak up the water, a musty odor becomes obvious and the the drywall can begin to warp and split.

Within days, mold can appear which means health problems or weakened immune system and any standing water becomes grey water.

Within weeks, standing grey water becomes hazardous black water, mold spores starts to erode natural fibers, drywall, paneling, and other building materials, insurance claims escalate dramatically and indoor air quality becomes a serious health hazard.

Unfortunately, you may not beable to avoid the damage entirely but there are ways to tell if your drywall needs to be dried out or replaced.

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Below are a few examples of drywall that must be dried out or replaced.

Drywall That Can Be Saved

Drywall That Needs To Be Replaced

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