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Client Testimonials

Mark Hebert: Water Removal, Pelican Cove

“I was impressed with the estimates, I was impressed with everything to be honest”…. What made it easy for me is they helped with insurance, they did all the carpentry stuff, everything. I didn’t have to go looking for contractors, it was really really good. “


Eleanor Samolowitz: Dishwasher Leaking, Sarasota

“Accutech came very quickly and set up dryers and a whole cleaning system to get the water out and to see exactly what was happening, that I really appreciated because that really helped the ball to get rolling . . . I think that accutech did a fantastic job!”

Dave Schwartz: Water Removal in Sarasota Home

“I’ve had a creek in the backyard flood twice in the last ten years and that brought in an excessive amount of water and mud into my home. Accutech brought out a crew that was extremely fast and efficient. They handled all the insurance claims and I had no problems. I’m very pleased with Accutech!”

Brenda Callahan: Property Manager at Lido Beach Club, Sarasota

We’ve had a 13 floor flood and we’ve had 44 units get damaged by the hurricanes. Accutech has always responded with great people. They come and check on the equipment on a daily basis, and they do a superb job making sure that we do not end up with any mold or mildew problems.

Bill Miccichi:  Owner of All American HVAC

“Accutech doesn’t just dry the carpet. They check the entire structure to make sure that the water hasn’t gotten into other places that could create a problem down the road. Accutech also gives us a guarantee, in writing, that they’ve gotten all the moisture out.”

Richard Baron:  Owner of Ace Plumbing

“The reason I work with Accutech is that I always know that they will be on my job in less than one hour”

24-Hour Emergency Service: 941-444-9438

Contact us to meet with you and your insurance adjuster for a detailed estimate for all your restoration and reconstruction work.

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