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Got Wet Carpet?

Our Process & Equipment

Without a doubt, water damage can potentially do more damage to carpet when compared to any other type of flooring. Why? The answer is simple. Carpet is the most absorbent of any flooring type and therefore presents the greatest opportunity for water and its contaminants to seriously ruin your flooring…your day…your week. Carpet is already notorious for harboring bacteria, dander, allergens and mold due to everyday humidity. When you add a flood event to the mix, the odds of serious water damage in Sarasota exponentially increase.

But all’s not lost! You can save carpets that have been exposed to floods, even unsanitary flooding like the kind we see during or after a storm or because of toilet backflow. How? Call Accutech!

We don’t need to describe to you every reason carpet is more vulnerable to water damage in Sarasota than other types of flooring. After all, it’s fairly obvious. The fibers used to make the carpet are absorbent. Carpet is supported by porous padding, thirsty enough to soak up any water the carpet fibers themselves can’t drink up. It’s a potentially disastrous, expensive, inconvenient and unhealthy scenario. With Accutech on your side fighting the ravages of water damage, you can truly breathe easier and mold-free with the knowledge that your home or business has been thoroughly dried out after a flood event.

Why Call Accutech To Dry Out My Carpet After Water Damage?

Accutech is Sarasota, Bradenton and all surrounding area’s premier water mitigation service. We have years of experience tracking industry technological advancements, and we’ve continued to stay atop them all. Not only that, each of our experienced techs is CCIRC-trained in specific course and fieldwork to address any kind of flood  and water damage scenario, including water in your carpeting.

  • The best equipment – Accutech uses only the most advanced equipment available. Check out our water removal page to view a photo of the Hydro-X Extreme Extractor. With it, our staff can completely dry out your Sarasota home without having to rip up your carpets, saving you money and time. We also use three advanced moisture meters for complete assurance your property is safe, healthy and dry.
  • The finest staff – All of our Accutech staff members are certified, vetted, insured and bonded. That means nothing less than total peace of mind for you.
  • The fastest service – Accutech guarantees to be on-site and removing water more rapidly than it can spread in your home or office. We’ll be there in one hour or less, guaranteed.
  • Post-flood monitoring – We’re vigilant. We monitor your home or business for days to make sure it’s dry and stays that way.

For More Reasons To Pick Accutech To Remove Water Damage From Your Carpet Floors, Contact Us Now

Accutech has numerous reasons why you should choose us to dry out your Sarasota carpets after a flood. Never risk lingering water, even moisture. It can cause harmful mold and provide a great habitat for bacteria to rapidly breed. It doesn’t have to happen. Call Accutech to dry out your Sarasota carpets now!

24-Hour Emergency Service: 941-444-9438

Contact us to meet with you and your insurance adjuster for a detailed estimate for all your restoration and reconstruction work.

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